Corporations - Stop Paying Twice For The Same Learning For Your Employees 


Training Companies - Get College Credit For Your Courses

Training companies and corporate training is very sophisticated.  Often times, it is the equivalency of college or university curricula. 

Thousands of employees are supported by Training funds to take external or internal online training and then corporations pay again for the same learning for an employee at a college or university using Tuition Assistance funds.

This duplication in cost can easily be draining your budgets by thousands of millions of dollars each year.  But, it does not have to continue.

EASi has partnered with a Regionally Accredited university to provide a central academic evaluation of training courses for college credit.  Now, employees taking evaluated training courses can earn direct, portable college credit towards their degree programs at thousands of colleges and universities.

The awarded college credit cost is only $120/credit - that is a 66% discounted tuition rate from the average cost of a college course. 

EASi will do all the work to prepare your courses for faculty evaluation and help you to easily set up a turn-key administration process that will allow users to transfer the earned credit to any college or university they are attending.

Training Companies - Boost Your Sales With College Credit For Training

Corporations - Give Your Training Departments Some Credit And Stop Duplication Of Costs For Employee Education


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