About Us

Educational Advisory Services, Inc. (EASi)  since 1981.

Education changes lives.

The goal of our company is to work for adult learners and corporate Tuition Assistance programs, to control the costs of education and more efficiently educate employees.

All too often, corporate training is separate from external employee education - Tuition Assistance Plans (TAP).  The two departments never collaberate on learning goals of the company.  This often leads to redundant learning and duplicate costs.

EASi has been working decades  with the Fortune 1000 companies to estabish efficient TAP programs.  We noticed that much corporate training  - either internal or purcchased training - often covers the same curriculums and learning outcomes.  To assure training and education dollars are used wisely, and adult learners don't have to spend their time attending college classes for learning they have already acquired, EASi has designed the only turn-key process to evaluate and award direct, portable, low-cost college credit for qualified training.

EASi is the creator of employee educational planning services and keeps on designing programs to support adults and Tuition Assistance Programs.