Added Value - Training Companies

There are hundreds of national and international training companies that spend lots to advertise and sell their courses to the Fortune 1000.

Much money is spent on course development, sales representatives, and travel all to obtain contracts with the Fortune 1000.  So, how do you make your training company stand above the others?  How do you demonstrate the quality of your training?  How do you increase sales?

Get College Credit for Equivalent Training Courses.

Nothing shows your customers that your courses earn their price tag than by giving your students college credit at a 66% cost-savings to your corporate clients.

Your potential customers, and current customers will be more interested in your training if they can rid their costs for the same learning using both training and Tuition Assistance dollars.

Once your courses have been approved by our partner university, the solution becomes turn-key for the employees of your customers.  Employees can transfer this credit to any college or university they are attending, just like any other college credits.

The value of your training courses can extend value to your customers - and that is your greatest selling point.