Business Portal

This Portal is approporiate for those who work in the general business and industry fields.  It includes certificates and degrees on the levels of Associate, Bachelor and Doctoral degrees.

Majors include Business and its subsets of Accounting, Management, Marketing, Economics, Human Resources and other fields.  The EduPlanner includes Techology, IT, Computer Science, Information Systems and many more technical degrees.  It also includes Engineering and its fields of Computer, Electrical, Chemical and others.  There are over 600 distinct Majors listed in the Business Portal.

The design of the College Search is based on Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) policies, so only Regionally Accredited colleges and universities are listed and the Majors are those covered by TAP benefits.  Each member can customize the Majors to assure employees are earning degrees that benefit your company.

The Resource Center  teaches adults about higher education and options it provides to reduce time and cost to earn a degree.


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