Certificate Programs

Certificate programs usually consist of 6 or more selected college courses which a school bundles together and awards the courses as a Certificate. 

If you already have completed your Bachelor's or Graduate degree, you may only need some course in a specific field of study to upgrade your skills and add to your resume.  If you don't want to commit the time/money to earn a full degree, your Manager may suggest certain a Certificate you should earn for upward mobility. 

Many schools offer Certificate courses in the evenings, weekends or online.  These courses give you a Certificate of Completion which will make you more proficient in an area of study -Business, Management, Computers, etc.

Certificates award college credit, so they are higher up in the learning scale than CEUs - Continuing Education Units.

Certificates can often be transferred into a Bachelor's or Master's program as part of the requirements for that degree.  This lets you earn specializations and use the Certificates to complete your degree.

The EduPlanner™ lists every Certificate program offered by a school and will tell you the format, costs and courses you need to complete a Certificate of your choosing.