Cost Savings - Corporations

Significant Cost Savings Adds Up Quickly


Corporations send hundreds and thousands of employees through internal and external training courses.  Often, these course curricula can be equated to college credit.  Too often corporations pay for learning with Training budgets, and then pay again for the same learning for employees using Tuition Assistance funds.  Ridding that duplication of cost can really make a significant positive solution for efficiency and reduce costs employee learning.

Examples of Cost-Savings:

1.  A company required an internally designed training course to all up and coming Managers.  They gave this same training to over 200 employees each year.  The company had to pay internal trainers to develop the course and teach it three times per year.  The training department had to advertise and enroll employees, monitor their progress and award completion of the course.  The cost per employee was about $1,200. 

In one year, 30 of those employees were also enrolled with the company's Tuition Assistance Plan to earn their college/university degrees in a field of Business.  The average college course costs $1000.  By earning 3.0/credits of Supervision credit for this training course, the company saved $10.200 and created more efficiency.

The employees transferred their credit from our partner university to the colleges and universities that they were attending

2.  A company subscribed to a national training company for six courses they presented each year to hundreds of their employees in the field of IT.  This company contacted the training company and suggested they go through the EASi process to receive college credit for these six courses.  After going through this process with EASi, the training company received 2.0/credits for four the courses.

57 employees who obtained this training were also using the company's Tuition Assistance Plan to earn their degrees in fields of Business.  They each earned 8.0/credits for a cost-savings of $97,128 and created more efficiency.


EASi Fees: 

Review all internal training courses for potential submission for credit - $500

Preparation of all materials/forms to submit to faculty - $500/per course

EASi administrative fee per course (not credit) - $50

Tuition rate for earned credit - $120/credit

*  If your company refers us to training companies that you frequently use and credit is awarded, then your company only pays the tuition rate and EASi administrative fee.  The training company pays all other fees.