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1. EduPlanner ™: OnLine Advisor & College Search - FREE UNLIMITED EMPLOYEE USE

Employee self-administered, web-enabled, 24/7 product offers a Resource Center that explains the higher education system and how to make best use of it. It includes links to relevant topics, explains how to pick the right school and informs learners about the many options to gain credits without sitting in a classroom. The Database includes extensive information about every college and university that offers programs accessible to adult students in fields of study typically covered in tuition assistance policies. Only REGIONALLY ACCREDITED schools on "good" status are entered to comply with tuition assistance policy. Includes many schools, every location, campus contacts and over 80 selection criteria for finding the best-fit school for each individual employee. Over 800 schools offer fullly online degree programs. Includes over 100,000 bits of information. Unlimited use by all employees is guaranteed by your annual membership. Can be customized. This is the ONLY product of its kind.


2. TAP Policy Review/Recommendations.  

Our professional staff will review your policy, and from our unique perspective alert you to any potential risks, fine tune the policy to meet your corporate objectives, and make recommendations that will allow you to manage education spending. We do not change any employee financial allotments. Additionally, EASi will help you determine the right data to collect so you can analyze, measure and improve the effectiveness of your employee education programs to support Human Capital initiatives. This information may be linked with you existing LMS system.    


3.  Back To School Webinars

60 minute workshops conducted through your webinar platform. Discusses how to pick a school and options to gain credits. Topics include: accreditation, admissions, learning styles, career decisions, options to gain college credit, transfer credit and putting it all together for an efficient education plan. EASi will manage the enrollments. Slides and information with Q/A. Undergraduate and Graduate school workshops. Schedule to your preference.


4.  Train With Credit™

EASi has an established relationship with a Regionally Accredited university to award direct, portable college credit for qualified training courses. These credits are transferable to over 4,500 institutions of higher education, pending institutional approval. EASi will review all your training course descriptions and select the appropriate courses for academic evaluation. We will prepare all materials to present to the faculty for review and coordinate the whole process for your company. Our fees for this service vary with the size of the project. The tuition rates for awarded credit is extremely low and prevents duplication of costs by training and Tuition Assistance budgets for the same learning. Some of your purchased training may have already been awarded credit through our programs with associated training companies - your employees may own credit and not even know it.


5. Portfolio Plus™

Partnered, regionally accredited university will take employees through the Portfolio process, create a Portfolio and grant credit that can be transferred to any other college or university.  Easier transferability of Portfolio Credit reduces cost for employers.

6. Educational Planning Guidebook

Information to select appropriate schools, use of higher education, and options to gain credits. Includes 127 pages and write-in exercises. Click on book for more information and chapter titles. Sold through Barnes & Noble. Employee purchase.