Graduate Degrees

If you have already completed your Bachelor's degree, then you are more astute about higher education systems, processes and options.  But, there is different information you need to know to select a college or university for Graduate study.

There are two advanced degrees that you can earn - the Master's degree and the Doctorate degree.

The Master's degree is the next higher level degree after earning your Bachelor degree.  It usually takes about 2-3 yars to complete going to school part-time.  Many programs are offerred at time working adults can attend - evening, weekend - or online. You can obtain an MBA, Master's of Arts, or a Master's of Science.  Different curriculums determine the type of degree you may want to obtain.

The Doctorate degree is the next higher level of degree after earning your Master's degree.  Not as many positions in the world of business require this level degree, but some jobs may require or prefer you have your Ph.D, DBA, or Ed.D. to advance in your field.

Many Graduate Schools require admissions exams such as the GRE, GMAT, MAT or an institutional exam.  But, hundreds of colleges and universities have found these exams do not give a clear assessment of an adult's academic performance and have dropped any entrance exam.

The EduPlanner™ will tell you more about these exams, how to study, costs and when the exams are offered. The College Search will let you know the schools that require exams and those that do not.

Many colleges and universities offer accelerated and/or cohort programs so you can complete an MBA or other Graduate degrees within a couple of years or less.  The EduPlanner™ denotes all this information for you and more.

You are in control of selecting the school that best meets your needs.