How It Works - Training Corps

EASi has an established relationship with a Regionally Accredited university to award direct, portable college credit for qualified training courses.

These credits are transferable to over 4,500 institutions of higher education, pending institutional approval.

EASi will review all your training course descriptions and select the appropriate courses for academic evaluation.

We will prepare all materials to present to the faculty for review and coordinate the whole process for your company.

Some of your purchased training may have already been awarded credit through our programs with associated training companies - your employees may own credit and not even know it.

The tuition rates for awarded credit is extremely low and prevents duplication of costs by training and Tuition Assistance budgets for the same learning.


EASi Fees:

Review all internal training courses for potential submission for credit - $500

Preparation of all materials/forms to submit to faculty - $500/per course

EASi administrative fee per course - $50 (Employee Pays)

Tuition rate for earned credit - $120/credit (Employee Pays)

*  If your company refers us to training companies that you frequently use and credit is awarded, then your company only pays the tuition rate and EASi administrative fee.  The training company pays all other fees.