Proper Educational Provider Selection:

Tired of all the hassles of "corporate partnerships"? Tired of all the calls from college/universities wanting to recruit your employees to increase their revenues? There is a better way to get tuition discounts from any school you want your employees to attend without any work - The EduPlanner.

Your company offers a generous Tuition Assistance Plan yet most often your employees choose providers of higher education from seeing or hearing advertisements via print, online, direct emails, or TV/Radio spots. They are often "sold into" the schools with the biggest marketing budgets and the most Lunch & Learns.

Ad-hoc selections do not bring high ROI, nor best selection for employee career development and Talent Management needs.

The EduPlanner works for your organization and employees - it is not a recruiting tool for schools!

Introducing the EduPlanner™

The EduPlanner  is the only employee-administered, web-solution that consists of an extensive Resource Center of information and links so employees understand higher education and the options it provides. It also includes a College Search that is designed around your TAP policies and can be customized for your Talent Management objectives.

To make Professional decisions on Educational Providers, your employees need a resource with collective information to inform, evaluate and compare institutional certificate and degree programs - they need The EduPlanner™ - and your Company needs it to assure quality and cost-reduc¬tion for your Investment.

Employer - Benefits Include:

  • Tuition Discounts On Any Schools You Want Your Employees To Attend
  • No HR Administration - All Employee Administered - Only Employees Contact Schools
  • Unlimited Employee Use
  • 24/7 Employee Desktop Use
  • Only Regionally Accredited Colleges & Universities With Excellent Academic Standings
  • Resource Center Explains How Employees Get Credit for Prior Learning To Further Reduce Tuition Costs
  • Eighty+ Different Search Criteria For Employees To Mix or Match for Best-Fit Provider
  • Customize 250+ Majors Of Study to Fit Your Talent Learning Objectives
  • All Campus Locations And Online Learning Programs Across Campus Departments
  • Certificate To Doctoral Degrees
  • Employees Learn About Programs They Never Knew Existed
  • One Low-Cost Admin Flat Fee Only $5,000/Year



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