Online Programs

Most everyone has heard about, or has taken an online course - or eLearning, as it is often called.  You probably have taken such a course with your company or through a training course.

Online learning is becoming a much more standardized way to teach and take a course.  Statistics show that online learning can be just as valuable as a face-to-face classroom.  Still, an online course is different and requires a student to be more of an independent learner, complete assignments on time, and participate with other students through web-solutions.  It is just a different atmosphere to offer the same curriculum as a land-based classroom course.

There are over a thousand online MBA and Graduate degrees.  There are thousands of undergraduate online degrees or degrees you can complete using either land-based or web courses.  There are hundreds of degree-completion programs offered for undergraduate degrees that give you the last two years of required courses, provided you have already completed the first two-years of study for a Bachelor degree.  

The EduPlanner™ will give you tips for taking an online course and direct you to resources to be successful.

The EduPlanner™ includes all online degrees offered by every college and university in the fields of study pertinent to an employee using employer Tuition Assistance money.   This way you can find the school right for you and your employer.