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The EduPlanner™ is the only product of its kind designed for the working adult student being funded for their education by their employer. 

It is a value-added program for Tuition Assistance, Tuition Reimbursement or Educational Assistance corporate programs.

This unique product only has schools and degrees that your Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) covers - and it is customized for your specific employee learning needs by Major fields of study and every college and university in the U.S. you want your employees to use.  We have over 500 Major titles and you choose the ones you want your employees to study.  This intigrates your tuition assistance with building the Talent you need.  Additionally, any college or university you want in your customized database will give tuition discounts and you don't have to do anything to receive these discounts as we leverage our scope of customers so school will offer discounts or they will not be allowed to obtain students from your company.  No schools wants to be shut out from potential student enrollments from your company, so they comply.

Just think - no contracts with schools.  No "corporate partnerships".  No hassle of scheduling "Lunch & Learn" program for schools.  No scheduling of "Education Fairs".  No HR staff time to run The EduPlanner as it is fully employee-administered.

By using the EduPlanner™, your employees will choose more cost/time efficient means to complete their degrees and save your company SIGNIFICANT money. 

This product is designed to serve all your employees using, or planning to use, your Tuition Assistance Plan running directly from the internet. It takes at minimum just10  minutes to implement.  All your IT has to do is clear any firewalls blocking employees from "clicking" over to our site, and announcing that The EduPlanner is now available to all employees with unlimited use.

The EduPlanner™ is a smart solution that will walk your employees through the process to understand higher education, determine the type of program and options they want to use, and then find those schools with all the criteria the student needs and wants.

The EduPlanner™ is a great tool for your Managers to discuss educational needs and find solutions for their staff which will best fit the needs of your company.

Instead of having your employees do their own minimal research on schools and degrees, or be "sold into" a program by advertisements or school recruiters - aggressove sales represemtatives - now, your employees can make informed and professional selections of  best-fit colleges or universities for them and your corporate funding.

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