Training Providers

TrainWithCredit -

Training in today's world is very sophisticated and high-level.  Often times the "training" carries the same content and curriculum as a college/university course.

EASi can help you have your training assessed by a Regionally Accredited college or university and awarded real, direct credit which can be transferred to other institutions just like a college course. 

This means an employee can take your training, receive awarded credit, have that credit posted on our partner university's transcript, and use that credit at most any college or university in the country.

EASi does all the preparation for the faculty review at the credit awarding college or university.  We submit the forms, materials and reports directly to the school and follow the process until credit is awarded.  We will not submit any preparations for a course that is not already on the level of academic standards - this way most all course submissions will get awarded credit.

The college maintains all records, posts the credits on the student's transcript and sends the credits to any school the student requests.

You just pay for the process and preparation to have your courses evaluated for college credit.  Your customers pay a lowered tuition rate for the awarded credits.

Add value to your training courses and increase your sales - It's that easy with EASi!

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