Why Use The EduPlanner?

There are many "free" online college searches on the Web, why use the EduPlanner™ -


1.  The EduPlanner™ is more than just another college search database.  The OnLine Advisor takes adults through the process and questions that an Academic Advisor would ask of you to best determine what schools and options are right for you - it is a personalized process.  It is appropriate for adults who have been to college and have already earned some credits, or for those just starting in college.

There is an extensive Resource Center to explain how higher education functions and the many opportunities to earn credit for what you already know.  These options save you time and money to complete your degree.


2. The EduPlanner™ is specifically designed  for working adults who use employer sponsored Tuition Assistance funds.  Only degrees and majors that tuition assistance policies cover, and that are productive for an employer, are included.  This way, you don't have confusion about what is covered and what is not appropriate for using your education funds.


3.  Includes all colleges and universities with degrees for adults.   Let us explain how those other "free" online college searches work.   If a service is "free" to the consumer then those database companies make their money by charging schools a high price to be in their database.  Only schools who can afford these big charges are able to be in their database.  That is why you probably see the same dozen or so schools in the many "free" online college searches.  This means that hundreds of fine college and universities who can't afford to pay those high prices and enter those databases are not represented, and you will never know they exist with the great programs they offer adult students.  We only charge schools a small stipend, so any school can register with us, and make sure their information is up to date.  That is why we have all schools in our database that offer programs for adult learners that fit Tuition Assistance policies.

The EduPlanner™ is the only database that has every college and university included in its database that are appropriate for Tuition Assistance users - yes, that is right - thousands of distinct schools - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees. This means you will finally be able to find all the schools that meet your needs. This product is not about helping schools recruit students as is the purpose of the "free" databases, but rather the EduPlanner™is designed to assist adult students in selecting the best-fit degree programs from all the possibilities.

The information is updated each academic year by the schools, and/or researched by our staff and entered into the database as needed through the year.


4.  Some companies offer "free" advisors, but they recommend schools that give them the greatest costs for "leads" - not what school is best for the student.  Our company charges your sponsoring employer a small flat-rate so that you can choose you own best-fit school, and with unlimited use of our service.  You control the criteria you select to find the schools that best meets your needs.  Our information is impartial and is supplied and updated by the colleges and  universities.


The EduPlanner™ College Search includes:

  • Regionally Accredited colleges and universities
  • Corporate customized colleges and universities - all campus locations and contacts
  • 586 distinct Majors customized to fit the learning needs of your company
  • Degrees accessible by working adults - evening, weekend, online programs
  • Certificates and Associate to Doctoral level degrees
  • All schools defined for offering credits for life/work experience - Portfolio, national testing exams, and more
  • Religious affiliations
  • Tuition rates
  • Professional accreditations for Business and Engineering degrees
  • Military and Corporate Training for college credit 
  • Much more

By using the EduPlanner™ you can save thousands of dollars and

years of time to achieve your goals